Sunday, October 5, 2014

Free Speech, RoPiophobia, and the Karna Syndrome

Said the Viceroy to brown natives: What do you know about free speech? Until voices like yours are silenced, there can never be free speech in India. And this Pax-Romana ushered in an era of peace and free speech was born. And the quiet native started to listen.

The viceroy continued: Tis a religion of peace. You suffer from RoPiophobia. If an RoP chap commits violence and disturbs peace, he can't be RoP, by definition, can he? Never mind its operating manual. It's a R.o.P. Like R.o.L. Peace & love in our time. How hard can this be? Remember how you, with your Hindu rate of 'growth', were not a team player and let down the perfect world we gave you? After all, it worked perfectly elsewhere. In addition to this FreeSpeech, We launched many a BestProduct, designed many a FoolProofPlan, passed a variety of PerfectLaws, provided TopSecurity, created many a DreamJob, gave you every FundamentalRight, IdeaOfIndia, RoP, RoL, ... we built a freakin utopia for 60 years, and it still did not work because - know this - India is a country which even perfection cannot save. You fatalistic natives are utterly incapable of improving yourselves. Karma. You are only fit to be chaiwallas.

And one did, but many a native believed this Indra and turned sepoy. He gave up the very divinity and distinctiveness that he was born with in a moment of stupefying generosity. That resilient defense - those divine earrings of Sanskriti, the unbreakable armor of Dharma, in exchange for a one-time use of wonder-weapons made in the west. He's used it up. Karna's wheels have come off. His moral compass is lost and he is rudderless. Yet the syndrome looks for a way out. He's still got the gift of the gab.  Arjuna must do his duty. This is Kurukshetra, and there can be no compromise in a Dharmayudh.

postscript: western universal idea of "branding" creates a lot of useless products. Remember the flat cricket pitch marketed as "those who bend their back can extract bounce"? If you did not extract any bounce, then you did not bend your back. Hindu rate of growth.

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