Wednesday, February 29, 2012

intro to : The Fire Ceremony

This was an attempt to comprehend the shocking nature of two events related to the Godhra massacre in 2002 that led to retaliation and riots (not a pogrom):
1. How can humans even consider killing civilians, including women and children just a few feet away?
2. How can the newspapers and television spin such barbaric and tragic events, year after year, to score points and increase profits?

It feels like it is impossible to try reconcile the irreconcilable madness that was Godhra & its aftermath and find some closure (thats the in-word now a days). I've been trying various thought experiments. One such was imagining a humane conversation between the conscience/Atma of a killer and a toddler victim (a child is conscience itself) in the ill-fated train coach before the event and wondering if there was even a small chance that somebody in that train station had a flicker of understanding that we all come from and are part of the same unity consciousness ...

After ten years, it is apparent that the story tellers (the media and the eminent historians and the Darth Vaders they serve) come across as the truly inhuman ones in this disaster. What happened over the hours and days exactly 10 years ago was frenzied manslaughter and response on a terrible scale, but in the end it is the story teller who is guilty of the cold-blooded murder of justice for ten years. Ten years and counting.

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